BHE has the capacity and desire to grow with our current and future customers. We are committed to purchasing capital equipment to reduce manufacturing costs and to remain competitive in our marketplace.



In BH Electronics, we believe that our company’s use of cutting edge science to develop products could change the way the community lives and the quality of its life; and that our employees have an enormous opportunity to influence not only the success of our company, but also the lives of people who use our products.

We have four important areas – environment, ethical labour practice, transparency, and poverty elimination – that form the foundation of our culture and guide the way we make key business and organizational decisions.

As a company that is sensitive and responsible towards the well-being of Mother Earth, BH Electronics entity works in a paperless environment; we recycle every possible part of waste – cardboard, plastics, metals; we dispose harmful production chemicals by means of hiring professional disposal company; we switch off and dim lights when they are not needed; we set our air conditioning temperature at optimal to reduce environmental harm.

At BH Electronics, we practise Ethical Labour Practice. We adhere to Malaysian Government labour laws and policies; we do not employ underage labour; and we practise gender and race equality policy.

Poverty elimination has been an effort of Malaysia since 1970. To date, BH Electronics still firmly believes in this benevolent fight against poverty. We play our role in fighting poverty by giving special incentives to our employees who qualify; we provide support to poor and needy communities in the society through charity and donation drives.

Corruption is not tolerated at any level in BH Electronics. We do not accept bribes. We do not accept monetary gifts for successful business contracts. We do not accept personal gifts in exchange of lucrative contracts. We practise transparent business dealings.

Thus, Our Corporate Social Responsibility projects will always bear the following values:

  • that we are responsible to our environment
  • that we create a better tomorrow for our children,
  • that a better tomorrow is shaped by projecting the good values practised at our work place.